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Welcome! To enrol your child for the choir, please fill out this enrolment form. Note that if you wish to enrol multiple children for the choir, a separate form must be filled out for each one.

The subscription fee is $150 per student (or $140, if enrolling before November 25).

(Required form fields are marked with this red symbol: *)


Please disclose anything that may affect the student's ability to participate in a group setting. (If none, type "none")


Please format number with hyphens (e.g. 021-234-5678, or 021-2345-6789).

If mobile number, format as 021-234-5678, or 021-2345-6789.
If landline number, format as 06-345-6789.




(For example, preferred tutor, any special scheduling requirements, etc.)

Thank you for filling out the enrolment form! Your child's enrolment has been received. Keep an eye on your emails when we send out class details in 2023!

You can pay the Saturday Music subscription fee using the button below.

Pay Now With POLi

If you prefer, you can also pay directly via internet banking. If you'd like to do this, please reach out to us via email.

If you'd like to enrol another child (or enrol the same child for a different class), please reload the page to fill out the form again. Note that a separate payment must be made for each child and/or each class.

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