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2018 gets underway

Nigel Tongs Saturday Music is delighted to welcome all new families to the Saturday Music programme. Existing for over 50 years, your child’s participation in class this year is set to continue the outstanding legacy of music education in the Manawatu for the future. THERE IS A MAP for you of the school showing you were the classes can be located.
Also, welcome back to returning families. Thank you for encouraging your child to continue learning their musical knowledge and skills through their performing experiences. Saturday Music is very proud of all our students who contribute to the music life of our community!

Preparation for classes
Boy playing keyboard at Saturday Music

Classes continue to occur at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School. Parents have received notification of their child’s class time, their tutor, and the room the class will take place each Saturday. Everything has been done to meet parent preferences for times and it is always our regret that these cannot be met in some cases for a multitude of reasons. In any case where your child has an urgent clash with another activity, you are welcome to contact us to explore options.

FACEBOOK (Saturday Music) will post regular updates for parents regarding lessons and new events. Please follow our page and like anything you… like. We apologise to parents without an email contact who experience delays in all communications as we have to rely on postage systems to deliver these.

Instrument hire
For parents/caregivers who: have arranged to (or would like to) hire one of our instruments; or already have a hired instrument (i.e. hired the instrument over the summer); please go to the instrument hireage room being the staffroom between Room 12 and 13, 30 minutes prior to your child’s first lesson. We will need to receive payment for the instrument at this time - this is $85.00 for the Saturday Music teaching year to November 18th. Please note that we can accept only cash and cheques (please make these out to Manawatu Music for Youth Charitable Trust). Unfortunately we do not have EFT-POS facilities.

Due to large enrolment numbers in violin, we are expecting some delays in fitting and issuing violins. If you find you are unable to hire a violin on the day of first lessons, our apologies. We will attain any needed violins as soon as possible.

2018 enrolments
Many instrument courses are now near capacity. Enrolments remain open for Music Basics (as children turn 4 years old), Saturday Music Choir class, Manawatu Voices Choir and Manawatu Training Orchestra. Manawatu Training Orchestra begins on Friday, March 23rd at 4:00pm at Square Edge Community Arts building in the Evelyn Rawlins room (2nd floor).

New beginner classes
Parents have received notification of materials and tutorial books needed to ensure full participation
in the lessons. Please ensure children are fully equipped for Saturday’s lessons. Contact us if you have any further queries.

Guitar classes
Barry Cawood and Deborah Middleton will be teaching guitar classes. Deborah recently returned from her time in Spain! Welcome also to Tomas Lieffering who will teach an advanced guitar class and keyboard classes.

Beginner guitar and violin students will be shown how to tune their instruments during the first class. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to stay for the lesson so they can assist their children to tune their guitars in the future. Guitars may be tuned with the aid of one of the following: a clip-on tuner; a chromatic tuner (these may be purchased at a music shop) or a smartphone app. Tuned guitars and violins ensure maximum teaching time during the lesson. Nigel or Keiko will be able to help tune if available (check the admin desk!).

Brass classes
Sarah Forsyth will be teaching our two trumpet classes this year, and Ali Bellringer will be teaching the trombone class this year. Welcome Ali!

Drum classes
We welcome Johnny Robert and Andrew Tennant as our new drum tutors. They are set to share their knowledge and experience with our percussion learners.

If your drum student would like to explore broader percussion techniques, we are accepting enrolments for the Manawatu Training Orchestra percussion section. All training is provided! Check the website for enrolment details. Rehearsals start 23rd March.

Choir Class
Lydia McDonnell takes on our choir class this year, while Nigel focuses on Manawatu Voices Choir commitments. Lydia will also be teaching keyboard classes. Welcome Lydia!

Saturday Music tutors and volunteers
We welcome Chloe Grapentin, Sai Natarajan, Sophie Banks and Ali Bellringer who join our valuable group of volunteers. Contact Nigel if you would like to contribute to the organization in this way.

In the classroom
We ask all parents and students, as visitors to PNINS, to respect the school’s property and the materials in classrooms; please do not touch things in the classrooms, or take food or drink into the classrooms. This includes students who are current PNINS students. Students should notify us at the admin desk in the foyer before retrieving any personal equipment from their classroom. Parents/siblings are welcome to stay during the lessons, but must not disrupt the lessons by talking on cellphones, let younger siblings cause disruptive distractions or have lengthy conversations with others. Cell phones must be muted during lessons please.

Should any LOST PROPERTY be discovered, please forward these items to the admin desk, where we can locate the owners.
Safety messages – Please ensure your child understands these.
All efforts are made to ensure lessons are conducted with safe procedures. All persons must communicate to us any discovered hazards so these can be addressed as soon as practical. A first aid kit is available at the office should one be needed.
In case of the need for EVACUATION, all persons are to assemble on the grass field in a calm manner where the tutors will attend to confirming all students are present.
!!! Our greatest hazard is the car parking area !!! Please drive with all due concern for young
pedestrians when on the PNINS site.

In such a case, students may only leave the assembly area WHEN RELEASED by their TUTOR, and only with their parent.

Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School request that all children be actively supervised by parents when playing on playground equipment. PNINS and Saturday Music cannot take any responsibility for injury on these activity areas.

Our Facebook pages are ready to be ‘liked’. These will contain news and notices as they come to hand. The Saturday Music website also contains a copy of the 2018 handbook which we encourage families to download and read. This has already been sent to all families in PDF form for your information.

Items for sale
We do field inquiries about instrument purchases and also instruments for sale. We currently have a good quality ¾ size cello ready for a good home for $800.

If you have any queries, you will usually find either Nigel or Keiko at the office admin desk ready to help. We look forward to another very successful year of musical achievement.

Instrument donations
Though storage is at a premium, we do accept any ‘lonely’ instruments that would like to be donated or sold on in support of Saturday Music and families involved. Contact Nigel if you have any inquiries or items to donate.

Refunds / Class changes
Please check the handbook to confirm our policies regarding withdrawals, refunds, transfers (sport clashes, etc.) and the fees involved.

Kind regards,

Nigel Tongs (Director)
Keiko Uchidate (Assistant Director) W:
M: 027 825 6927

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